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A dimensional reception logo sign, like this one for KSE Engineering in Quakertown, can establish your office’s entrance and help to create a professional look that will impress clients.

Acrylic dimensional reception logo sign

Lobby Logo

We created this lobby logo using multiple layers of materials and attached letters in order to add depth. The formed letters are mounted to two layers of green glass acrylic with a frosted vinyl logo shape in between. They are raised above the backer panel with brushed stainless steel stand-offs. We created contrast for the logo using a panel of router cut wide grain mahogany plywood, sanded down to 400 grit and sealed in order to pull out the grain. Z-clip mounting allowed there to be no visible hardware.

Suite identifier sign

The suite sign was created to match the reception logo using frosted vinyl and layered green glass acrylic with brushed stainless steel stand-offs.

Glass acrylic sign